Benjamin Franklin
1706 - 1790

Franklin wrote the following after a large group of innocent Indians were massacred because of the actions of others from another Tribe:

"If an Indian injures me, does it follow that I may revenge that Injury on all Indians?

"It is well known that Indians are of different Tribes, Nations and Languages, as well as the White People.

"In Europe, if the French, who are White People, should injure the Dutch, are they to revenge it on the English, because they too are White People?

"The only Crime of these poor Wretches seems to have been, that they had a reddish brown Skin, and black Hair; and some People of that Sort, it seems, had murdered some of our Relations.

"If it be right to kill Men for such a Reason, then, should any Man, with a freckled Face and red Hair, kill a Wife or Child of mine, it would be right for me to revenge it, by killing all the freckled red-haired Men, Women and Children, I could afterwards any where meet with."

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Chapter 4

We Were Not the Savages - Persecution, War, Alliance and Terrorism

In a critique of the mistreatment of Amerindians by Europeans, nineteenthcentury historian Francis Parkman described how it varied at their hands: “Spanish civilization crushed the Indian; English civilization scorned and neglected him; French civilization embraced and cherished him.”1 Parkman’s observation about the English is true, but they also, like the Spanish, crushed the Indian, a fact that is witnessed by their actions after their invasion of the Americas. To realize their goal of complete domination of the inhabitants and the illegal acquisition of their lands, they used practices that utilized unbridled treachery, violence and cruelty. American Indian civilizations fell like dominos before their vicious onslaught.

When viewed in the abstract it’s easy to understand how it came about that the colonial English were without conscience in their mistreatment of the Amerindians, whom they labelled savages; most of the barbarities they used to crush them were first tested against Caucasians on their home turf: the British Isles. The Highland Scots and the Irish were the prime targets. They suffered unimaginable horrors while being subjugated. Torture, rapes, summary executions, property destruction and confiscation, etc. were the norm.


The barbarism employed by Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and other European Nations to subjugate Amerindian peoples during colonial times, and by the countries they begot in the Americas as a result of colonization, probably exceeds, or at the very minimum equals, the barbaric performances of the twentieth-century regimes of Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union combined. Like the people who suffered horribly under those regimes, Amerindians at various times and places, over the past five hundred years, were imprisoned and executed without trial or recourse, enslaved, tortured, relocated without consent, treated as inferior human beings, subjected to deliberate genocide and demonized by monstrous lies; children were removed from families, properties were confiscated by the state without compensation, cultures were destroyed and so on.

These inhumanities were carried out and condoned by a White supremacist population under the guise of helping the Christian Church spread its version of enlightenment. To disavow that most of the European population were involved rings hollow, because the evil was known by everyone and largely unopposed—a fact verified by the historical record.

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