Stephen J. Augustine
Curator of Ethnology, Eastern Maritime
The Museum of Civilization

Stephen obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Political Science from St. Thomas University (New Brunswick) in 1986, and also holds a Master of Arts in Canadian Studies from Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario), focusing on traditional knowledge curriculum development in the context of the education system.

Over the years, he has shared his expertise in research and traditional knowledge with many organizations, including the Assembly of First Nations, government departments, and various First Nations communities across Canada.

Augustine is part of an advisory panel on biodiversity issues and has worked extensively with the United Nations programs on development and the environment. He has given presentations in numerous schools and universities, has been teaching a sessional course at Carleton University for the last 3 years, and has been an invited guest speaker at numerous national and international conferences. He has published papers and made various culturally relevant videos on health and healing issues, traditional knowledge, treaties, and storytelling.

He has organized cross-cultural workshops for a wide variety of agencies (the United Nations as well as federal and provincial universities and museums). His recent book, Mi'kmaq & Maliseet Cultural Ancestral Material (Mercury Series, CMC, 2005), promises to be a valuable resource for academic researchers and educators alike. Augustine has a thorough command of traditional practices, his language, and the history of his people.

On March 21, 2009, Stephen received the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for his outstanding work supporting the recognition and teaching of First Nation Culture, Heritage and Spirituality. A well deserved honor for a dedicated man!

Stephen can be contacted at: stephen.augustine@civilization.ca