Prominent flags of the Mi'Kmaq Nation.

Mi'kmaq National Flag

The Mkmaq National Flag has three colors, white, red, and blue, signifying the three divine persons,
The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The cross signifies Christ who was crucified on the Cross.

The letters: N,A,M,T are very significant

N - Nin (I or Me)

A - Alasotmoinoi (being a Catholic)
M - Mento (gisna gil mention (devil))
T - Tooe ot Tooa (get out - go out)

Nin Alasotmoinoi gil Mento Tooe (I am a Catholic, you are a devil, get out)

SA - means Saint Anne (Patron Saint of the Mkmaq since 1730).
MIGMAG - Mkmaq (The Allies)
LNOG - L'nk (The People)

The flag was first raised in Listukujk (Listuguj, P.Q.) on
October 4, 1900 and in Kjipuktuk (Halifax, N.S.) in 1901

Mkmaq Grand Council Flag

Commonly refered to as the Sant Mawimi flag or the Mkmaq Grand Council Flag

The meaning of the Grand Council Flag

Wapk (White) - Denotes the purity of Creation

Mekwk Klujjewey (Red Cross) - Represents mankind and infinity (four directions)
Nkset (Sun) - Forces of the day
Tepkunaset (Moon) - Forces of the night