Head Chief Peter Barlow
New Brunswick
August 20 1920 - November 17, 2000

Peter was Chief of Indian Island, New Brunswick for forty nine years. He was a veteran of the WWII, and was in on the D-Day landing.

He was given the title of Head Chief by the Chiefs of New Brunswick. In addition to the many caps he wore he was a founding Chief and member on the Board of Directors of the Union of New Brunswick Indians, and an Ambassador on behalf of First Nations Peoples.

Peter was the husband of my first-cousin Laura, nee Paul, from Burnt Church Miíkmaq First Nation Community. He was a barrel of fun and I have many fond memories of our adventures together. I wonít go into detail but I imagine many individuals from the Miíkmaq/Maliseet communities have heard about the time he thought he had killed his wifeís cousin Danny by running into a snow bank. Iím the cousin.

Note: Anna Laura (nee Paul), born November 15, 1921 joined Peter in the Land of Souls on October 28, 2013.