This is an account of the last 100 years of Beothuk occupation of the Island of Newfoundland (1730-1830). Those were the years of increasing European settlement of Notre Dame Bay - the area where the Beothuk had ended up after retreating from the European’s steady advancement north-westward and westward along Newfoundland’s coastline over time. It chronicles many of the hostile encounters which led to both Beothuk and settlers deaths, predominately Beothuk. It describes, with some imaginative illustrations, many of the events of who killed who’ and why.

It discusses probable causes of those encounters, both localized and far-reaching.

My previous book, The Beothuk Way described idyllic Beothuk life before the coming of Europeans - this present book is its antithesis for their life (when it) becomes anything but idyllic.

Within 100 years, the Beothuk were gone, killed and destroyed by guns and diseases, and denial to access to food resources - all European related. Other possible ancillary causes are also discussed.

The Beothuk are gone but their story lives on - the story of conflict between two races based on fear, revenge, greed, intolerance, and disrespect of another’s culture, misunderstanding and a language barrier.

John W. Kitchen

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