"The Albino Moose"

"The Albino Moose"

"The Albino Moose"

The first two pictures were taken by Tammy Tarbet in 2002 in Southeast Idaho. The third was taken by her neighbor. The Idaho Fish and Game Department also has them on their site and has issued an order protecting the animal.

Web posted Friday, October 18, 2002

White moose off-limits to Idaho hunters

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) -- A group of eastern Idahoans smitten by a white moose have persuaded the state to make the animal off-limits to hunters. Steve Huffaker, director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, made an emergency order last week making it illegal to shoot the albino cow moose, which has been spotted with a black calf on private land in southeastern Idaho.

Albino moose have been showing up in the area for several years, said Dale Toweill, trophy species manager for the fish and game department. Normally, only 1 in 100,000 moose have the albino trait, which is recessive. But the gene appears to run in the herd in southeastern Idaho, where Toweill theorizes the probability of an albino moose may be 1 in 10,000.

Protecting a single animal is not unprecedented. Alaska game officials voted in August to protect a rare white bear there after concerned residents flooded them with e-mails and phone calls.


White Moose From British Columbia

Pictures provided by Lynn Chisholm. They were taken by Joan Evans, who reports (Oct. 21, 2007) that the moose has made it through a winter, and was seen recently with twin calves, with normal brown colour. Joan wishes her peace and quiet so she can raise her young. I agree! To insure that she has peace and quite the British Columbia government should follow the enlightened path taken by Idaho and make it illegal to harm her.


The odds of seeing an albino moose are astronomical and to see one in the upper peninsula of Michigan, near Wisconsin, is even greater than astronomical. To see two of them together is nearly impossible. We wanted to share these photos with as many people as possible because you will probably never have a chance to see this rare sight again. This is a really special treat, so enjoy the shot of a lifetime.


Dr. Paul,

A friend of mine sent me an email of pictures from Park City, Utah of a white moose. Then I did a search to find out more about them and came across your website. I thought you might like these pictures for your website. I think they were taken this winter. Thanks for having your website available.

Dana Vaughn, February 25, 2008

On March 3, 2008, I was advised by Jacquelyne Mohn, of Longmont, Colorado, that the pictures were taken near Breckenridge, Colorado. The photographer is still unknown.


This photo was taken by me on the outskirts of Timmins, Ontario, about 80 km west of our city Regards.
Dan Racicot


White Buffalo

Miracle, the Sacred White Female Buffalo Calf, was born on the farm of Dave, Valerie, and Corey Heider near Janesville, Wisconsin during the morning of August 20, 1994 - died September 19, 2004. Not an albino, she was considered to be the first white buffalo calf born since 1933. Furthermore, she was extremely important to the religious beliefs of many American Indian and Canadian First Nations tribes.

Click to read more about Miracle The Heider Farm - Janesville, Wisconsin


Multi Colored Deer

Photo and Copyright: Martin Kilmer, Wildthings Photography, East River, NS
Martin can be contacted at: kilmer.mf@gmail.com



Pictures taken by Richard Buquoi, Texas. Black deer are more rare than albinos. Photos were taken near Austin Texas.

"Black Fawn"